5 things to do on your visit home as a twenty something year old

This past Fourth of July weekend I returned home to New Jersey. Since moving to DC for college I only come home for the major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc.), and I generally just stay just long enough to get a home cooked meal. Initially, my college self didn’t like going home and taking time away from the new life I created in DC. Now, a 21 year old … Continue reading 5 things to do on your visit home as a twenty something year old

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

Aside from being home to POTUS, DC is known for their endless museums.  The cool thing about most of these museums is that they’re free! I’ve been itching to go to the Hirshhorn museum after seeing their Belief + Doubt exhibit all over Instagram. One Saturday morning, I finally pulled myself together and went. It was definitely smaller than I thought it would be (a common … Continue reading Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

Colony Club DC

With gentrification running rampant in DC, a lot of coffee shops, bars, and restaurants have been popping up all around the city. Located in DC’s Park View neighborhood just a few blocks from Howard U, Colony Club opened in summer 2015. The coffee shop has an old-school feel and pays homage to its neighborhood and this family flower shop pictured below that once called Georgia Ave home. … Continue reading Colony Club DC