2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you’re shopping for your bestie, your big sis, or bae, you’ll score major points with these presents! (And Mom, if you’re reading this, I love ALL of these things.) For the friend that’s into all things beauty … Glossier Black Tie Set Glossier has used its “cool factor” to set itself apart from the the rest of the beauty world. Make your beauty lover a … Continue reading 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

5 Fall Style Staples You Need Now

Its that time of year: the sun is beginning to set earlier and school is starting. Fall will be here in no time. Nothing is worse than the weather suddenly dropping, and to being ready. Get a jump start on your fall wardrobe with these items. Leather Jacket No fall wardrobe is complete without a classic moto jacket. This Asos leather jacket is a grunge twists … Continue reading 5 Fall Style Staples You Need Now

Lumee Case Review

What’s a selfie without good lighting? Recently I caved and bought a LuMee case. For those that don’t know, LuMees cases are iPhone cases with LED lights lining the front left and right sides of the phone. When the lights are on, the case resembles a full Hollywood style makeup mirror. Allan Shoemake created it after being frustrated by bad lighting when facetiming his daughter while she … Continue reading Lumee Case Review

5 things to do on your visit home as a twenty something year old

This past Fourth of July weekend I returned home to New Jersey. Since moving to DC for college I only come home for the major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc.), and I generally just stay just long enough to get a home cooked meal. Initially, my college self didn’t like going home and taking time away from the new life I created in DC. Now, a 21 year old … Continue reading 5 things to do on your visit home as a twenty something year old

Summer Beauty Essentials

Ahh! It’s that time of the year again: sunny days, warm nights and day drinking– its summer! This is a time to kick back, relax and have fun. In a perfect world I would be carefree and makeup-less all summer, but that’s not the reality. Thankfully, the sun loves melanin so there’s a natural and effortless glow that comes during this time of year. However, that doesn’t mean … Continue reading Summer Beauty Essentials

Apartment Shopping 101

I recently moved into a new apartment and I vowed it wouldn’t be the party-house my last place was. I’ve committed  my summer to decorating my first “big-girl” apartment, the right way. This has been especially important to me because I’m supporting myself… okay maybe not 100%… But as I’m getting closer and closer to being cut off by my mom I’ve paid more attention to … Continue reading Apartment Shopping 101

El Chucho DC

Over the past four years I’ve developed an obsession for Mexican food. I go through withdrawal if I don’t have some type of tortilla- salsa- cheese- meat- guac combo at least once a week. Mexican isn’t that  hard to do, but there are definitely some who do it better than others. I’ve tried many many different Mexican places in DC , and I finally think I’ve found my … Continue reading El Chucho DC

Who is dvsn?

I am obsessed with dvsn. I stumbled on to the artist about a month or so ago via Twitter. The duo is comprised of Nineteen85, the producer behind “Hotline Bling”, “Hold on We’re Going Home” “Tuffle Butter”and “One Dance” and R&B singer Daniel Daley, the lesser known member in the group. Some also believe that backup singer Latoya Webley is also down with dvsn… but don’t … Continue reading Who is dvsn?