The Milk Shop LA

When visiting new places I rarely go visit physical landmarks; those are never memorable to me. As a DC resident, I can see monuments from basically any building in the city. I am desensitized to monuments. What matters to me when I visit new places is the FOOD.

This year, for my birthday I decided to take a trip to LA. I’d never been there before and my best friend just relocated there, so it was an easy choice. Naturally, after booking my flight, I hoped on yelp to scope out food. I immediately started looking at sweets because.. well, it was a birthday trip after-all! After a quick scroll, I found Milk.

Milk  is most know for their totally instagramable snacks and treats. I was pleased to later find out their treats don’t only look good but taste good too!

Walking in was legitimately overwhelming because there was just so much to chose from: ice cream, brownies, blondies, macaroon ice cream sandwiches, chocolate covered rice crispy treats… the list was endless! I’m not a fan of chocolate, so I was so happy that there were so many options no matter what your sweet tooth craved.

I ordered the red velvet macaroon ice cream sandwich and it was SO GOOD, all my favorite things in one treat. The sandwich wasn’t hard or too cold to bite into and the ice cream had red velvet cake crumbs in it. The macaroon was chewy and absolutely perfect. It took me everything not to order something else once I was done!

If you’re ever in the LA area, definitely make sure you stop by Milk! I promise you won’t regret it! They have everything you could ever want.. or something like that!

xx, Mirrorpicmami

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