Lumee Case Review

What’s a selfie without good lighting?

Recently I caved and bought a LuMee case. For those that don’t know, LuMees cases are iPhone cases with LED lights lining the front left and right sides of the phone. When the lights are on, the case resembles a full Hollywood style makeup mirror. Allan Shoemake created it after being frustrated by bad lighting when facetiming his daughter while she was abroad.

I’m a creature of habit; I’ve had the same case on my phone for over a year. Anytime the case would break, I would head over to Verizon and order the same one again… and again… and again. So, you can only imagine how much thought I put into this purchase. I’m not usually swayed by celebrities propaganda, but if Kim Kardashian says this is the secret to perfect selfies, isn’t it worth trying?

So what are the features?

  • Theres a switch on the back of the case making it easy to turn on and off
  • A dimming button controls how bright the lights are
  • The case charges independently from your phone and doesn’t drain your phone battery

First reactions:

Size: The case is rather bulky and way bigger than I’m used to. I usually keep my phone in my back pocket, but will probably have to change that. In my hands, my 6 feels like a 6 plus.

Design: LuMees originally only came in solid basic colors, which is one of the biggest reasons I was hesitant to buy one. Who wants to pay $55 for a black phone case? After LuMee released more designs, I was able to rationalize my purchase. (My bedroom has a marble theme, so of course I need a marble case to match right?) I ended up the black marble, “designed” by Kim K herself. I wanted the white marble but it was on back order. 😦 I’m actually happy that I ended up with the black case; the word LuMee is etched into the back of the case, but with the black marble you can’t tell.

Protection: Although the case is bulky, the case leaves the sides of my phone unprotected. I have a tempered glass screen protector so I’m not too worried about cracking my screen, however I am scared about cracking the case.

Now let’s put the case to the test!

I’m obsessed!!! Seeing the lighting difference side by side lets me know that this case is a keeper. I can’t wait to use it during a night out with my friends!

xx, mirrorpicmami



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