Who is dvsn?

I am obsessed with dvsn.

I stumbled on to the artist about a month or so ago via Twitter. The duo is comprised of Nineteen85, the producer behind “Hotline Bling”, “Hold on We’re Going Home” “Tuffle Butter”and “One Dance” and R&B singer Daniel Daley, the lesser known member in the group. Some also believe that backup singer Latoya Webley is also down with dvsn… but don’t quote me.

Nineteen85 started the group because he wanted to “explore some stuff that I normally wouldn’t get to do as this quote-unquote pop producer.” Dvsn, pronounced “division”, was signed to OVO at the end of February. Itss funny because as biig of an OVO fan as I am, I didn’t even know they were apart of the Canadian powerhouse until I looked up the lyrics to “Too Deep.”

One word to describe their sound is sexy. It’s more R&B than PND  and less electronic than Majid Jordan, but you can definitely see how they fit into the OVO crew; their lyrics about love, sex, and infidelity make them a perfect match. People often refer to PND’s sound as ale night music but dvsn takes it to a whole new level. I believe what sets dvsn apart is how they talks about sex and love is intimate and true.

Dvsn released their debut album, “Sept. 5” on March 27 even though it was originally set for April 1st. I featured one of the singles,  “Too Deep” (which is still one of my all time favorite songs by them) on my weekly playlist a few weeks back. They are also featured on Drakes new album Views on the song Faithful.

The more I listen to the album, the more I appreciate it, and the more I find in it. Dvsn is definitely an artist to listen to and keep up with. If you don’t have time to hear their full discography, here are my top songs in no particular order.

The Line
I love this song. It perfectly embodies the feeling of falling for someone but still feeling vulnerable. It’s that scary feeling of not knowing whether this is the right personto put your trust into but it feels right so you do it anyway. Should you “cross the line” and let your guard down completely or should you hold back? The song captures so many feelings but still is sexy af. I can go on and on but just listen to it.

Do It Well – This song is about a stripper but it still is somehow beautiful and romantic. Damn near all of dvsn’s label mates have songs about strippers but this song is a little different. We’ve all falling in love with a stripper before but he makes you feel a deeper connection.The song is ambiguous enough to make you think he’s talking about a lover but with lyrics like “I ain’t throwing money in the air for nothing” make you snap out of it.

Too Deep– I know I’ve mentioned this song on another post but this list would be incomplete without it. This song made me fall in love with dvsn. The song has a genuine 90’s R&B feel. I love songs that are relate-able and this song is that for me. We’ve all been so overwhelmingly in love so deeply that we don’t want to leave. (Ok maybe not everybody… but you will eventually. )

Lets Get It On (dvsn tribute) – In this tribute to Marvin Gaye, dvsn updates the classic while still holding on to the original’s magic. The guitar solo of the song is out of this world. This song is the only one on my list that is not on the album but it is still equally important.

Faithful – Though this is not actually dvsn’s song, dvsn is the reason I like this song. When I heard the original version, I thought it was just ok. It sounded like a Drake song we’ve all heard before. The addition of dvsn (lol @ all these math terms)  on the album version is what made it work. I skip straight to dvsn’s part of the song sometimes. I can’t find audio of the track anywhere, but you live under a rock if you havent’ heard it yet. (:

Have you listened to dvsn yet? What’s your favorite song?

xx, mirrorpicmami


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