What I’m Listening To (4/22)

I only meant to do “What I’m Listing To” once a week but I’ve been really feeling my new mini-playlist so I wanted to share with y’all!

Throw this on when you’re taking a late night drive or havin’ sexy time. Enjoy!

Yeah, I Said It / Rihanna
I love Rihanna, but am not usually a fan of her music. At first listen I didn’t like Anti at all. (Still don’t love it.) I recently revisited it though, and this song caught my ear.

This is honestly one of my favorite PND songs. I hate that it’s so short.

What You Need / The Weeknd
I’ve always been a huge Weeknd fan . I have to admit I don’t like any of his new music so I always find my self going back to The Trilogy (especially House of Balloons). But rns, I really feel this song.

Go All Night / KELELA
Continuing with the sexy vibes, the combo of the beat with Kelela’s vocals makes me love this song.

Too Deep/ dsvn
I came across this song on Twitter and its been on repeat ever since. This song really is IT. OVO just signed him and I can’t wait so see what else he has in store.


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