My Obsession with Fried Cheese

Living in DC has made me a total foodie. I always have to refrain from ordering everything off the menu when I go out to eat. My recent obsession has been cheese balls. I love cheese and I loved the crunch of fried foods, so obviously this is the perfect appetizer for me. I never knew that so many restaurants sold them, but I’ve been ordering them up like crazy. Here are three of my favorite cheese balls in and around DC.

Taylor Gourmet Risotto Balls 

Taylor is mainly known for their sandwiches and salads, but you’re sleeping if you have’t ordered their risotto balls. They have two versions, the regular ones, and their seasonal ones which feature roasted corn, chives, bacon, and hot and spicy pepper jack cheese. (Each season they change.)

Cheesecake Factory Fried Mac and Cheese 
Everything at Cheesecake Factory is good; there’s no doubt about it. I’m that person that orders the same thing all the times and never even looks at the menu, but one day I saw fried mac and cheese on the menu and I had to break my cycle. These are by far my favorite cheese balls.

The Hamilton Mac Bites

I usually only eat sushi at the Hamilton, but after a friend hosted her birthday dinner there, I looked at the full menu. When I saw mac bites under munchies I was ecstatic. They were good, not as good as all  the others on this list but that’s mainly because they serve the bites with ranch dressing. I love ranch, but the taste just doesn’t go. Marinara would have been preferred.

Whats your go-to appetizer?

xx, mirrorpicmami

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