The Fainting Goat DC

I love brunch. I love brunch. I love brunch. Living in DC  these past four years has definitely taught me that on Sunday’s  its God first, and brunch second. I have been to brunch all over the city and tried endless variations of chicken and waffles and shrimp and grits and the Fainting Goat definitely sticks out to me.


Located on U street, the restaurant has a super cute and cozy vibe. My friends and I were seated in couch/booth corner that was filled with pillows.

They offer three mimosa flavors, orange, mango and white cranberry; you are even allowed to to switch them out at any time. As a college student, my main focus at brunch is to get drunk and these mimosas definitely did just that.

Aside from the booze, the food was also excellent. I have to admit when i first looked at the menu I was a bit nervous; avocado toast, duck liver parfait, and strata aren’t things I’m used to seeing on my brunch menus. However, when I took a deeper look, there were many things I wanted to try.


We started off with the goat cheese fondue. This was my favorite thing on the menu. It was so damn good. The bread was warm with crispy crust but a soft inside and the cheese was to die for. I would go back for this alone.


I ordered the french toast for my meal. Its usually served with Nutella, blueberries and bacon, but I skipped the Nutella. Though the toast was too eggy for my taste, it was still pretty tasty. The blueberries were very fresh and the bacon was perfectly crispy.


We also ordered the coffee cake. It came out sizzling. Looking at it alone could make anyone salivate. I don’t even like caramel or pecans, but the cake was so good I couldn’t even notice.

Overall everyone loved their food but I wouldn’t recommend this place if you are a picky eater. But if you are looking to mix up your Sunday brunch spot, definitely check out the Fainting Goat!

What are your favorite brunch spots in DC?

xx, mirrorpicmami




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