5 Best Burgers in DC


Lent is over! This year, I gave up beef for the 40 day fast. This was extremely hard for me because I love burgers. In honor of me breaking my fast yesterday, I want to share with you my 5 favorite burgers in the district.

They are not in any specific order, they’re all so good I couldn’t decide.

Boss Burger, 1931 14th St NW
Formerly Orange and Black Burger, Boss Burger is delicious. The fast casual restaurant has a prefixed menu but also gives you the option to make your own. My personal favorite is the “Boss Burger.” It has boss spice, sun dried tomatoes and fresh basil.
vsco-photo-1.jpgMarvin, 2007 14th St NW
Marvin’s entire brunch menu is excellent, but their brunch burger is next level. It’s served with farmhouse cheddar, bacon, and onion jam. Don’t forget to add the fried egg when ordering!


Ruth Chris, 724 9th St NW
I know Ruth Chris is known for their steaks, but don’t sleep on this burger! The $9 burger is only offered during their happy hour. It’s a simple LTO burger, but the beef is so fresh and juicy that you remember less is sometimes more.

Bolt Burger, 1010 Massachusetts Ave NW
Over the summer, my internship was just a block away from Bolt Burger. It took everything for me to not go there everyday. They too, have a prefixed menu with the option to build your own. On top of the great burgers this place has exceptional customer service. I feel like I’m in an episode of Cheers when I’m in there, because everyone really knows my name.

Shake Shack, 800 F St NW
It’s hard to not include the Shake Shack in a burger conversation. The chain has mastered burger making. Shake Shack is one of those places that is always good.My favorite burger there is the Smoke Shack, but the Shack Stack is a guilty pleasure too.

xx, mirrorpicmami

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