Barton G. Restaurant Miami

While in Miami, I had the chance to experience Barton G. I say experience because it was more than a restaurant. When we sat down, our waiter explained how Barton G is all about presentation. As he said this, a carving board with three foot tall fork was being delivered to the table next to us. I knew I was in for a treat.

We started of with drinks. They’re known for their below zero nitrogen bar. The nitrogen, at a temperature of -320 degrees leaves all the drink smoking. I ordered the “Cooper’s Margarita.”(As seen in the cover photo.)  It was tequila, triple sec, and sweet and sour. All their drinks come with a frozen shot that is added to your drink. My shot was of Grand Mamier. They do this so as your ice melts, it never gets watered down, it just gets stronger.

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For our appetizer we ordered the Voodoo Shrimp Rolls. I’m not going to lie, it was just fried shrimp on a stick. I became nervous that while presentation at this place was great, their food would be subpar… I quickly found out that I was wrong.

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My friend and I split the Lobster Trap Truffle Mac & Cheese. I am normally weary of macaroni and cheese that isn’t baked by my mother but this was so good. They were not stingy with the lobster at all and the cheese was perfect. It was so delicious and this wasn’t even my main course.

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For my meal, I ordered the Country Fried Chicken. It cam with literally 4 gigantic pieces of chicken, jalapeño corn bread and grilled corn. On the side was a sweet the glaze that was to die for. I literally put it on everything.

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One of my friends got the Laughing Bird Popcorn Shrimp. It came in a popcorn maker with popcorn. I didn’t taste it personally, but she said it was really good too.

Barton G was definitely a highlight of my tip. The food, drinks, and presentation were all top notch. I plan on going to the LA location tooo, when I’m in town.

xx, mirrorpicmami

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