What I Love About Waist Beads

With spring less than six weeks away, (thank you Mr. Groundhog) warm weather is on the way! Enter: crop tops, low rise jeans, sunglasses, bathing suits, and my favorite accessory: waist beads. Waist Beads virtually go with everything. Whether I’m trying to show some skin, or want something sexy to wear under my clothes, waist beads are my go-to.

Waist beads were not always made to be a fashion statement. Though the origins of the beads are not exactly clear, historians believe that waist beads originated from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria but they also have been tied to Ghana. The beads signify a plethora of things ranging from femininity to wealth. Traditionally, they are worn under clothes to see just by your partner. The wearer can take pleasure in knowing that they are wearing something special that pleasures their lover.

Personally, I love waist beads because to be they symbolizes the beauty of a woman’s body. As a woman, I know that our stomachs are always a problem spot. By putting on waist beads you’re adorning your stomach and showing that you accept your body and all of its wonderful flaws.

Waist beads are extremely versatile.

They can be worn with a bikini…

They give crops an extra flair too! 

Waist Beads even give a sexy touch to club fits.

(All waist beads from @WaistWorthie)

Whether you pair them with your favorite bikini or want to wear them under your clothes, this spring get into the age old tradition of waist beads.

What’s your go-to warm weather accessory?

xx, mirrorpicmami


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