Colony Club DC

With gentrification running rampant in DC, a lot of coffee shops, bars, and restaurants have been popping up all around the city. Located in DC’s Park View neighborhood just a few blocks from Howard U, Colony Club opened in summer 2015. The coffee shop has an old-school feel and pays homage to its neighborhood and this family flower shop pictured below that once called Georgia Ave home.

Photo via Colony Club


I’ve never been able to get work done in my living space, so I’m constantly on the lookout for new workspaces. Howard’s iLab was made for this exact purpose but it often resembles a club not library; thus I’m always looking for a place where I can focus.

Colony Club has become my go-to place to study, relax, and blow steam. The 60s style furniture, friendly staff and open floor plan make the spot very inviting. The baristas usually play a mix of indie and house music, which contributes to CC’s cozy vibe. I hate listening to music through headphones, so the fact that I enjoy their music and don’t have to play my own makes me so happy.




Seating ranges from bar stools, to four-person tables to a comfy couch. There’s a back patio to enjoy the great outdoors too!  They sell your typical coffee drinks including expresso, lattes, and mochas. CC’s food offerings are limited to standard pastries, quiche, and a few other options. Though I wish they had more food, what they do have is delicious.

Oh! And did I mention the coffee shop turns into a bar at 5? The baristas pack up and the bartenders set up. The lights dim and the coffee shop turns into an ultra trendy bar. They serve beer, wine, and no-so-traditional cocktails. On top of their regular operations, Colony Club hosts events too. Pizza parties, rum tastings, and jazz nights are only a few of the events they have held. Follow @colonyclubdc on Instagram to stay up on all of their happenings.

If you travel upstairs in the transformed row house, you will find a ping pong table. I don’t have prior table tennis experience (who does?) but it is so fun! My first time going there solely to play table tennis was during finals and it was the perfect stress reliever. My friends and I now play regularly and are getting pretty good!

Coffee, alcohol, and table tennis-this place has become my favorite escape. What was solely a study spot has now become a local hangout that I can go to anytime of the day.

PS I am accepting table tennis challengers (;

xx, mirrorpicmami


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