Majid Jordan by Majid Jordan

I started listening to Majid Jordan in the summer of 2014. I instantly liked their indie R&B love songs when my Toronto-obsessed friend (@HEZ) put me on. The group consists of singer, Majid Al Maskati and producer, Jordan Ullman. Listening to their music gives you all the feels while their house beats keep you from being completely in your bag.

The album’s first single “My Love featuring Drake” and their guest appearance on OVO Sound Radio Saturday (1/30) had me ready for the album release. Majid Jordan’s typical theme of love continues on this album. At first listen my two favorites were “Small Talk” and “Love Is Always There” but every time I listen a new song catches my attention. The album is solid but it can be argued that some songs sound the same, a common complaint about most of Drake’s protégés.

Along with the release, Majid Jordan posted this message on their Instagram, “When we met 4 years ago we never would have imagined the journey that lead to this album. Thank you to our friends, family, and mentors for making this project possible. We are beyond excited to share this piece of us with you all.”

Majid Jordan is available to stream on Spotify and purchase on iTunes.

xx, mirrorpicmami

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