Apartment Shopping 101

I recently moved into a new apartment and I vowed it wouldn’t be the party-house my last place was. I’ve committed  my summer to decorating my first “big-girl” apartment, the right way. This has been especially important to me because I’m supporting myself… okay maybe not 100%… But as I’m getting closer and closer to being cut off by my mom I’ve paid more attention to … Continue reading Apartment Shopping 101

El Chucho DC

Over the past four years I’ve developed an obsession for Mexican food. I go through withdrawal if I don’t have some type of tortilla- salsa- cheese- meat- guac combo at least once a week. Mexican isn’t that  hard to do, but there are definitely some who do it better than others. I’ve tried many many different Mexican places in DC , and I finally think I’ve found my … Continue reading El Chucho DC

Who is dvsn?

I am obsessed with dvsn. I stumbled on to the artist about a month or so ago via Twitter. The duo is comprised of Nineteen85, the producer behind “Hotline Bling”, “Hold on We’re Going Home” “Tuffle Butter”and “One Dance” and R&B singer Daniel Daley, the lesser known member in the group. Some also believe that backup singer Latoya Webley is also down with dvsn… but don’t … Continue reading Who is dvsn?